SUITS Recap: Limits On Chasing Safety And Success


In the latest episode of SUITS season 6, Mike Ross started to learn had to protect himself from Frank Gallo, all while looking out for his newly-made friend, Kevin Miller. He had to find a way to do the right thing, while balancing that with making the safest choices. Elsewhere, Pearson Specter Litt needed to rebuild, but Louis Litt and Harvey Specter both had their limits in terms of what they’d do to accomplish that. Where did Mike draw the line when it came to saving his own skin? And what did Harvey outright refuse to do for the firm? Check out our SUITS recap to find out.

Mike Ross and Kevin Miller versus the world. After barely surviving an attempt on his life in SUITS 6×02, thanks in no small part to his cellmate’s interference, Mike Ross found himself in a less-than-desirable position: He wouldn’t just need to watch his own back anymore but would, instead, have to make decisions that would keep Kevin safe, too. When the prison counselor, Julius Rowe, advised him to make a formal complaint against Gallo, Mike refused. Not only did he not want everyone to know that he’d snitched on a fellow inmate, but he knew that making any moves against his enemy would continue to put his new friend in danger.

Because scum like Gallo can’t go after his enemies directly. He has to get to them through other people (Harvey through Mike, Mike through Kevin and/or threats against Rachel) and by using his buddies’ brawn instead.

Despite having formed an alliance of sorts, complete with vows to watch each other’s backs, Mike initially wanted to keep his conversation with Julius a secret from Kevin. There was still that underlying wariness involved, which was undoubtedly caused by the epically horrible way in which putting his trust in Gallo had backfired. Having been through all of this before, Kevin figured out what Julius wanted quickly enough and told Mike the harrowing story of what had happened to his last roommate, Mark Higgins. Following a formal complaint against a different lowlife, Mark was beaten so badly that he wound up in a coma.

And it left Kevin completely alone.

The last thing Mike wanted to do was abandon his one and only friend, so he repeatedly refused to make that formal complaint — even though the outcome could have meant ensuring his own safety. Unfortunately, there were still two hours in the day when Kevin would have to fend for himself: Mike’s working hours. Not only was Gallo able to waltz into the kitchen and trash talk Mike with some nonsense about the transitive property — improperly applied, no less —  while Mike was trying to work, but he also managed to take advantage of the first time Kevin was alone since preventing the stabbing.

Gallo had several guys attack Kevin; but again, he and Mike vowed not to cause extra trouble by filing any kind of complaint. That meant that, even with the possibility of losing consciousness due to his beating, Kevin couldn’t go to the infirmary.

Upset over how easy it was for Gallo to get to Kevin, Mike demanded that Julius have their tormentor transferred to another block. But, as usual, Julius didn’t have the authority. Really, the more Julius said he could help Mike, the more it seemed he was completely incapable of doing anything useful whatsoever. And Mike called him on it before at least asking to give up his job because he couldn’t, in good conscience, leave Kevin alone for those two hours a day.

Nope, sorry, Mike. Can’t help you there, either. Seriously, Julius, what can you do?

Well, as we learned in last week’s episode of SUITS, the prison counselor has a tiny bit of authority over things like inmates’ jobs. So, Julius used what little bit of power he seemed to have by making sure Kevin Miller would be working in the kitchen at the same time as Mike. At least they wouldn’t be separated, but considering Gallo had the power to get three guys to go after Kevin in the bathroom, attacks at work seem just as likely as anything else. Two guys agains three…still bad odds for the good guys.

As the episode ended, Harvey found out that Mike could get an immediate release — and away from Frank Gallo for good — if he informed on Kevin. I think we’ve been here before, folks. Mike Ross doesn’t inform on friends. If he did, it would be Harvey Specter wearing prison blue and not Mike Ross. While Gallo informed on someone to get himself into a facility with less security — and, apparently, to get all sorts of people within the system under his thumb — I don’t see Mike walking in his footsteps.

After all, if he did, he’d be just as bad. Wouldn’t he?

Getting the firm back in business. Back at Pearson Specter Litt, it was time to start making money again. Louis Litt was tasked with setting up the leases for the firm’s unused offices, which caused the type of hilarity viewers have come to expect from pretty much anything on SUITS that involves Louis. After he’d harassed several potential candidates about everything from LGBT rights to carbon footprints, thus making them run the other way, Louis revealed to Donna — who already had him figured out because she’s Donna — that he didn’t want just anybody in the bullpen because it was the heart of the firm.

Also known as: It was Louis’ heart.

Donna vowed to help Louis figure out a way to sublet without endangering his beloved bullpen, but he decided to have a “brilliant idea” regarding renting to some trading firm full of old geezers. As often happens when either 1) Louis Litt has a plan or 2) someone goes against Donna Paulsen’s advice, it backfired spectacularly. The actual tenants had an enormously obnoxious dudebro as their leader, and he made life miserable for Louis from minute one. There was also a loss of prune juice and bran bars involved, which makes me worry about whether or not Louis’ “4:15 constitutional” will continue to be a regular appointment.

Despite several moments in which Dudebro Tenant found himself on the receiving end of getting Litt Up, Louis’ poor decision-making ultimately ended badly for him. Louis was nearly able to evict Dudebro, but he wound up forming an alliance with Harvey after a huge favor. With Harvey’s help, the traders won’t be going anywhere, and they’ll get to enjoy making Louis’ life miserable.

…which brings me to Harvey himself. Despite being in desperate need of clients, he refused to do business with William Sutter. Instead, he decided he’d work with Nathan Burns. Harvey had previously turned down Burns’ offer of business because he was, in Harvey’s own words, “an asshole.” But with no other options and only 48 hours to find a client before Jessica made him sign with a criminal even worse than Charles Forstman, Harvey did what he had to do.

Acquiring Burns as a client involved booking dinner at Per Se — making the reservations by himself, not with Donna’s help — and serving a number of orders against Burns’ enemies. Harvey being Harvey, he managed just fine…But then he had to delay dinner in order to look out for Mike.

Although Burns was fine with meeting an hour later, Harvey arrived at the restaurant, only to be told to take his offer and shove it. After taking his frustrations out on Donna (and Donna not standing for it), Harvey realized that maybe Burns had other reasons for suddenly changing his tune. Sutter had bought 5% of Burns’ company, which Harvey verified with Dudebro Tenant’s help.

(Ahh, full circle).

After purchasing his own shares, Harvey Specter formed an alliance with Nathan Burns, freeing himself from stooping low enough to work Sutter. Burns may have been a bully, but he was easily the lesser of two evils.

Additional thoughts:

  • I’m not sure how a grown man’s acquisition of a high school diploma while in jail qualifies him as “a real poindexter” like Mike. Also, what kind of monster actually uses the word “poindexter” these days?
  • Danbury needs a Donna Paulsen. She has the authority to save the world, unlike Julius Rowe and the countless stupid guards. Of course, there’s only one Donna Paulsen; but seeing as how she fixes everyone else’s problems without breaking a sweat, I imagine she can singlehandedly run a prison, too.
  • Donna Paulsen has finally said that she’s as much a part of this firm as anyone else. I don’t even know where to begin stressing the importance of this.
  • Harvey needs to chill on taking his obvious stress out on Donna. That’s no way to treat the woman who’s constantly saving your miserable skin, especially when you’ve previously told her that you love her. Man up, buddy. There are much better ways to relieve stress, and they can even involve Donna if you want them to.
  • “I’m not leaving Mike alone in there another minute without him knowing what’s coming.” Harvey Specter, putting everything on the line for the people he cares about.
  • “When you lie down with dogs, you come up with fleas.” Harvey Specter, learning and growing. He’s not making the same mistake he made years ago when he got into business with Charles Forstman. It haunted him for way too long and nearly cost him everything. (Meanwhile, if Burns is a bully, is he just a dog with a flea collar? Or…???)
  • Rachel Zane, receiving advice from Jessica Pearson on how to be a strong woman. And actually taking it. I am so, so here for this.  She’s her catty classmate’s “intellectual and ethical superior.” How utterly and completely perfect. If SUITS season 6 continues to be the season of a return to the smart, tough Rachel? I’m fine with leaving Mike Ross in prison forever. More strong ladies, please and thank you.
  • My real question in this whole Mike vs. Frank thing is whether Mike was telling the truth when he told Gallo that Harvey’s plan was to let everyone know he was a snitch…or if that was all part of a ruse. Also, do we really want to let this guy know that he can be back on the streets within just over two years? That just doesn’t seem smart. Lock him up and throw away the key, folks.

Make sure to tune in to the next episode of SUITS on Wednesday, August 3 at 9/8c on USA Network.

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  • Maya

    This was great. Agree about the strong Rachel and that’s what I’m loving this season (her and Jessica both)… also “There are much better ways to relieve stress, and they can even involve Donna if you want them to.” is exactly what I was thinking!