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Honest Trailer: Emmys Edition Released by ScreenJunkies

If you don’t already know about ScreenJunkies’ Honest Trailers, you should head over to their YouTube channel and start binge watching them. This series of parody trailers pokes fun at popular films and, at the same time, totally says what we’re all thinking about movies. With over 1.1 billion lifetime views, Honest Trailers has proven itself as a pop culture phenomenon. In fact, directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed their goal to “Honest Trailer-proof” CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER, while DDEADPOOL director Tim Miller recently revealed he wanted to make their own “Honest Trailer” in place of the credits – ultimately leading to Ryan Reynolds appearing as Deadpool himself in ScreenJunkies’ take on the film.

Now the team behind Honest Trailers are tackling TV with an Emmys Edition. To help celebrate their own Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Short Form Variety Series”, ScreenJunkies has put together a trailer about the awards’ most popular shows.