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PRISON BREAK Preview: Their Biggest Escape Yet

PRISON BREAK will be back in 2017 as a limited series, but thanks to a new preview from Fox we’re getting hints at exactly what’s going on when the show returns.

First, Michael — who everyone thought was dead — is actually alive. And he’s trapped in a prison in Yemen after being accused of supporting ISIL. Lincoln and Sarah are made aware of this and Linc immediately heads to Yemen with C-Note to find out if the man in the photo is really his brother. Once he confirms that Michael is, indeed, alive he sets out to break his brother out of prison…and out of Yemen. “Breaking out of prison is just the beginning,” star Wentworth Miller says. “They have to break out of the country itself.”

All of your PRISON BREAK favs are returning for the new season and the preview below gives us our first look at Sucre, who was absent from the original preview Fox had released. And it looks like nothing has changed, because Sucre is still eager to help his buddy Michael out of a jam.

Dominic Purcell promises this to be their biggest prison break yet! And if they have a whole country to escape, that sounds about right.