GUILT Sneak Peeks: The Trial Begins


The season finale of GUILT has promised to reveal Molly’s killer, but before that big revelation we have this week’s penultimate episode. In “The Crown v Atwood”, Grace’s trial begins,

During opening statements, Gwendolyn is painting Molly as a young woman who was hopeful for the future, while Stan is spilling Molly’s secrets and saying that she had become involved with a selfish and reckless man who got her pregnant. He claims he knows who that man is, despite the fact that the authorities haven’t pursued that motive. And he’s prepared to release the information.

Bruno, meanwhile, is feeling guilty about pursuing Molly when he believes Prince Theo is the killer. His ex-partner warns him that the public won’t accept that their beloved prince killed anyone, but Bruno won’t let someone take the fall for a muder they didn’t commit. After all, he’s already lost his job and believes he’s got nothing left to loose. At the same time, Natalie is prepping Neville to testify. He’s understandably nervous about getting up on the stand, but she needs him to point the blame at someone besides Grace. While the situation spins out of control, Prince Theo’s security goon, Phillip, tries to tell the Prince not to continue to indulge in the very actions that have gotten him into this trouble.

Finally, Bruno gets wind that some evidence against Prince Theo may be at an estate out in Hertfordshire so he and Natalie pursue this new lead.

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