The Four Best Apps for Fans of TV!

The TV shows available today provide for some of the best entertainment out there. Keeping track of the latest seasons of your favorite shows all while new series are being launched can be a little daunting, to say the least. With technology striving to make our lives a little easier, apps have come to the rescue, helping tv fans have a more efficient and entertaining viewing experience. To improve your viewership and optimize your tv-watching, we’ve listed some of the best tv apps on the market today. Get a hold of these nifty apps and thank us later!


IMDb (Android, iOS)
The IMDb app has become a staple for most tv and film junkies for obvious reasons. This clever app serves as an encyclopedia of information related to your favorite stars, their portfolio of work and, of course, all tv shows and films you can think of. You can also view user ratings which might help you decide whether or not a tv show is worth your time. You might even find yourself discovering that one of your beloved actors starred in a few shows you have yet to watch!

TV Guide (Android, iOS)
Not sure what to watch tonight? Having a tough time keeping track of showtimes and dates? The Tv Guide app will help you keep your tv schedule organized and always give you a reason to turn on the tv and catch a great show. You will find a detailed listing of all networks and their programs. The app can be customized so that you can apply alerts that notify you of particular shows and programs that you might be interested in checking out. For particular nights of boredom, this app will come in very handy.

Mobile on Bingo (Variety of apps available on Android, iOS)
These days, Tv commercials and advertisements seem to have gotten longer and much more elaborate than those of the past. Often enough, when we’re watching some of our favorite sports games, we have to endure lengthy advertisements that spoil the fun midway. That’s where mobile bingo apps, as listed on, come into the play! You will find a wide variety of popular bingo apps from some of the most highly-rated brands out there so you can spend your commercial breaks entertained instead of bored.


Yidio (Android, iOS)
Possibly one of the most aggravating experiences for any tv fan is trying to find where they can watch their favorite shows. With so many networks and streaming services available in abundance, finding your show can be like trying to spot a needle in a haystack. Yidio makes this much easier. You can quickly find out how and where to view your favorite shows and even launch the apps on which they are hosted directly through Yidio. It’s that easy!

These four apps are sure to make your tv time and viewer experience all that much more pleasant and efficient. Don’t miss any of your favorite shows or popular programs ever again. Happy Viewing!

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