THE LIBRARIANS Season 3 Preview: Magic Has Consequences


The Librians and Eve teamed up to defeat the evil Prospero last season and then successfully brought Flynn and Eve back to life in the present after they had been stuck in the past. Now the team is focused on dealing with the broader impact of magic being unleashed in the world.

In the first preview for season 3, we see Jake remind viewers that magic always has consequences, while Flynn is told that the “ultimate battle” has already begun. We also get a glimpse at those terrible consequences as we see a plane magically distintigrate in mid-air. Season 3 of THE LIBRARIANS will introduce a new antagonist — the D.O.S.A. (The Department of Statistical Anomallies) — which is trying to apprehend the Librarians and take control of the Library and its artifacts.

Elsewhere in season 3, Vanessa Williams will guest star in a recurring role as General Rockwell, the head of the D.O.S.A., a top secret, black ops secret government agency.

THE LIBRARIANS returns for an all new season on Sunday, November 20th at 8/7c on TNT.

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  • Mary E Brewer

    Looking forward to seeing what kind of #MagicalEscapades the #LITS get into in Season 3 of #TheLibrarians.. especially my favorite #ChristianKane as #JakeStone ? November 20th #TNT marked on my calendar!