LUCIFER Teasers: Seven Things to Know About the Season 2 Premiere


There’s a lot coming in season 2 of the delicious Fox series LUCIFER and one of the big events is the arrival of Lucifer’s mother. She is, in a word, awesome, and you’ll be learning a lot more about her in episode 2 of the new season.

But before we get to that we have the season premiere, which is full of a new murder, the continued disappearance of Maze, and Lucifer’s struggle over the possibility of his mother returning to his life. Here’s seven things you need to know about the season premiere:

The Search for Mom. We quickly learn that Luci and Amenadiel’s mother doesn’t have a body, so she’ll have been forced to take the form of someone who recently died. This is revealed as the two angelic brothers are on the hunt for their mother. Lucifer is convinced that Mom will be searching for him since he kept her prisoner for so long, but Amenadiel isn’t so sure. But you’ll soon be asking yourself “what is Mommy Dearest seeking”?

Rewriting Biblical History. Are you unclear as to how the LUCIFER universe is changing up biblical history? As Lucifer tells his therapist, here’s the new story: two celestial beings (God and Charlotte) had “sex”, thereby creating the universe. They had a litter of kids (the angels), built Heaven and enjoyed their family. Apparently Charlotte was quite lovely in the beginning, but things turned sour when God started creating humanity. Lucifer rebelled and was cast out and then Charlotte was as well.

A New Forensic Cop. Meet Ella Lopez….she’s a hugger. Lucifer thinks she’s odd, but he quickly warms up to her when he learns she’s religious but thinks the devil isn’t so bad. And when he starts talking about himself as the devil in the first person, she thinks he’s just a weird method actor.

Angel Blood. Lucifer is still trying to convince Chloe that he’s the actual devil and suggests that she test his blood. Amenadiel thinks this is a bad idea because he doesn’t want any proof of divinity going into the LAPD’s forensic database. When Lucifer continues to insist, Amenadiel takes matters into his own hands.

The Return of Detective Douche. Dan is back on the street after the hoopla with the Palmetto case, but he’s been demoted, so he’s spending most of his time assisting Chloe with her most recent investigation.

Trouble on Set. The case of the week involves the death of a low level actress who also worked as a stand-in on the popular kids’ show “Leave it to Leslie”. The show’s star, Amy, is a heavy drug user and a bad seed. Lucifer is distracted as they investigate the case, constantly worried that his mother is lurking about and may even be connected to the case.

Where is Maze? Amenadiel seems genuinely sad about his former demon lover’s disappearance. When we see Maze again we learn that she’s feeling as conflicted about humanity and remaining on earth as Lucifer was in season 1. Is the demon changing? All we know is that she’s determined to find a new balance in her life now that she’s stuck on earth, seemingly for good.

LUCIFER returns for its second season on Monday, September 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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