NCIS: NEW ORLEANS Season 3 Premiere Sneak Peek: New Girl

Anyone who has experienced an earthquake knows that the aftershocks can be as frightening as the quake. So goes the aftershock of last season’s ill-fated romance between NCIS Special Agent, Meredith Brody, and traitorous DHS agent, John Russo.

Last season’s NCIS: NEW ORLEANS went out with a bang when Brody (former cast member, Zoe McLellan) discovered that Russo actually was an imbedded spy and the team was prompted to run an off-book operation to save the city from an explosive terrorist attack.

Despite saving the city, the covert operation and Brody’s involvement with a spy reflected poorly on the team, and McLellan’s character departed The Big Easy (and the show).

Tonight, the team returns (sans Brody) from administrative leave and assists an alphabet soup of federal agencies in the hunt for a sniper who is targeting special events.

FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio is a member of the joint task force in the Crescent City to participate in the manhunt. Gregorio is played by new cast member, Vanessa Ferlito, a woman with a dark past and a different style than the NCIS: NEW ORLEANS team.

Pride is aware that Gregorio has skeletons in her closet, but this is The Big Easy…a few hauntings here and there are expected. Hard-hitting and independent-minded, adjusting to Gregorio’s style will take work on everyone’s part, and her secrets will be revealed as the season progresses.

As the agents investigate the sniper, they discover that the shooting of a Navy Master Chief may have been a necessity for the gunman who was aiming for a different target…bistro owner, Gilbert Lee. When the first shot missed Lee, the Master Chief moved toward the restauranteur and the marksman may have had to shoot through the Navy officer to hit his designated target.

The investigation reveals that Lee has been living above his means and may have been involved with something not-quite-aboveboard. They may run into a complication when Pride tells them that Lee’s fiancée, Bella Pearl, (guest star Doris Morgado) is a friend.

Another complication is former councilman, Douglas Hamilton, now mayor of the Crescent City. Hamilton (recurring guest star, Steven Weber) is exerting extreme interest in the case, which impacts the investigation.

Tonight’s episode, “Aftershocks,” also guest stars Derek Webster, Jared Day. Steven Waldren, Kwajalyn Brownm, Emily Istre, Lenita Henderson, Israel Perry, Cordell Moore and Jeanne Caldarera. “Aftershocks” was written by Brad Kern and directed by James Hayman.

Besides Bakula, returning to NCIS: NEW ORLEANS for its third season are stars Lucas Black, Rob Kerkovich, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, Shalita Grant and CCH Pounder.

During hiatus, the cast sent a basket of teddy bear cookies dressed in police uniforms to the NOPD to thank the officers for their continued support. Little wonder that the cast and crew were honored with the 2016 “Celluloid Hero” award from the New Orleans Film Society for their contributions to the city.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS opens its season at its new regular timeslot tonight (September 20) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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