THE EXORCIST Preview: Good versus Evil


The new Fox horror series, THE EXORCIST, takes place in the same world as the original novel and movie, says star Geena Davis. “It’s a classic battle of good versus evil”.

Davis stars as Angela Rance, the matriarch of a normal, American family. But beneath the surface, all is not what it seems. Angela’s husband, Henry, is recovering from a traumatic injury. Eldest daughter Katherine has become a recluse who refuses to leave her room. Her younger sister, Casey, thinks she’s hearing strange noises coming from inside the walls. Angela is convinced that there’s a demonic prescence in the house and it’s growing stronger every day.

To help get rid of this prescence Angela approaches Father Tomas. He’s the progressive new face of the Catholic Church who runs a small but loyal parish in the Chicago suburbs. In Mexico City there’s another priest — Father Marcus Keane — who is in a life-and-death struggle with evil. He’s an orphan raised by the Vatican to be a modern day Templar Knight. And he’s a man consumed by his mission. Angela doesn’t know it yet, but her actions are going to set Father Tomas on a collision course with Father Marcus.

THE EXORCIST premieres on Friday, September 23 at on Fox (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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