SECRETS AND LIES Season 2: A New Murder and a New Mystery


Eric Warner is a man with a bright future ahead of him when SECRETS AND LIES returns for its second season. He’s intelligent, well-educated and hardworking and he also happens to be the heir apparent to his family’s private equity firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. He’s also married to Kate, a woman he loves deeply.

One night, Eric, his family and his co-workers are attending a party to honor his father passing over the reins of the firm to him. But tragedy strikes when Kate Warner, Eric’s wife, falls from the roof of the building and dies. Eric is devastated. And then in walks Detective Andrea Cornell. Naturally, the grieving husband is suspect #1 and Eric is immediately in her cross-hairs. Did he push his wife from the roof? All we know right now is that Eric soon discovers that both his wife and his various family members aren’t necessarily who they appear to be.

Trying to help Eric through his grief is his father, John Warner. The father of three children, he built his private equity firm on a model of honesty and morality, but Kate’s death puts his succession plans on hold, and he may find that his stunning business achievement is really a house of cards.

Then there’s Andrea Warner Young, Eric’s sister who is married to a prominent Charlotte surgeon and who works as a criminal attorney for the Public Defender’s office. She tries to warn Eric about Detective Cornell and her methods. Patrick Warner, meanwhile, is the youngest in the family and works as an analyst in the family business. He’s a functioning alcoholic who has grown up in Eric’s shadow his whole life.

Who ultimately killed Kate? And what will people do to keep their most intimate secrets from ruining their lives?

SECRETS AND LIES premieres tonight (September 25) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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