BLINDSPOT Sneak Peeks: Trust Issues


So far this season, BLINDSPOT has been about Jane Doe rebuilding trust — with her former FBI team, in herself, and now with her former terror group.

Last week on BLINDSPOT, Jane Doe found herself sandwiched between Sandstorm — her former terror cell, and her former FBI anti-terror work group. Sandstorm had furnished Jane with a tattoo that was a clue to an upcoming terror event threatening hundreds of lives. They figured out it involved a DEA agent selling military weapons to a Mexican drug cartel, and they caught the cartel just in time to avert their use of a stinger missile to bring down a passenger jet full of Mexican officials. At the very end of the episode, Agent Zapata apologized for shooting Jane during the premiere episode, suggesting some new sense of trust, while Jane’s brother from Sandstorm, Roman, knocked her out and kidnapped her.

In tonight’s episode, Roman has brought Jane back to Shepherd, her mother and the leader of Sandstorm, to answer pointed questions about her escape from the CIA detention center; her answers don’t seem quite good enough. Jane will be forced to prove her loyalty by taking on an assassination mission. Weller and the FBI team will find themselves in a race to stop a number of escalating bombings in the city. Meanwhile, Patterson will be in the uncomfortable position of dodging questions about her “friend meeting” with the team’s counselor, Dr Borden, who last week asked her out to dinner.

See our sneak peeks below and watch BLINDSPOT on September 28 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC (U.S.) and CTV  (Canada).

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