ARROW Season 5 Extended Preview: A Changed Man


Things have changed for Oliver Queen when ARROW returns for its fifth season. First, he’s putting “killing back on the table”. Oliver went through a period of time when he wasn’t willing to kill the criminals he fought, but clearly that isn’t the case any longer. Thea warns him that this isn’t the type of behavior that Laurel wanted, but Oliver points out that the dead don’t really want anything at all.

There’s also a rash of murders taking place in Star City and Oliver rightly says that there’s no way he can help police the whole city alone, which is why he’s recruiting a new team. But Felicity points out that there are more vigilantes already out there, inspired by Oliver’s recent defeat of Damien Darhk. Three new team members step up, including Curtis, but they’re not necessarily qualified to help patrol the streets yet.

The extened preview below deals a blow to Oliver and Felicity fans when it shows Felicity kissing a man who is definitely not her former fiancé. Yikes! Will these two crazy kids find their way back together this season?

The final seconds of the trailer also introduces us to the Dark Archer, a new villain who is definitely interesting in taking down the Green Arrow.

ARROW returns for a new season on Wednesday, October 5 at 8:00 p.m. on The CW (U.S.) and CTV Two (Canada).

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