CHICAGO MED Sneak Peek: Complicated Cases and a Connection?


The doctors will be dealing with gang violence, a possible connection between two cases, and getting some insight on a few things on this week’s CHICAGO MED.

Dr. Manning and April find themselves with an infant patient who seems to be exhibiting some very alarming symptoms,. But they seem to be at a loss as to what it could be that’s causing them. They’re not the only ones, however, as Dr. Rhodes finds himself treating a sick infant as well, with a potential connection between the two. But what could it be that’s causing both babies to get so sick?

Elsewhere on CHICAGO MED, Dr. Choi takes on a mentee in the form of a Navy corpsman who encounters the effects of gang violence in the city, while Dr. Charles and Dr. Halstead are treating a homeless man whose demeanor offers some interesting insight.

Fresh off of her first foray into rounds with Dr. Charles last week, Reese tries to find and understand the balance that is needed in her position now that she’s officially become a psychiatry resident.

Watch a new episode of CHICAGO MED tonight (September 29) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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