CONVICTION Sneak Peek: Meet Hayes Morrison


“Lightning in a bottle, a brilliant lawyer”….not to mention former first daughter of the United States. Meet the head lady for ABC’s new drama CONVICTION. Hayes Morrison is the whip-smart, fiery, and the seemingly unhinged new head of the Conviction Integrity Unity (CIU). She and her new team — Sam Spencer (the golden boy), Tess Larson (a paralegal from the Innocence Project), Franklin Cruz (forensics), and Maxine Bowen (lead investigator) — will work to see that those behind bars were rightfully convicted.

But it seems that justice and the law are not the only things Hayes will be battling in this upcoming series. We have seen from trailers that the only reason she was given this job “opportunity” was to cover up the fact that this former resident’s daughter was busted for cocaine possession. We also see in a sneak peek below an emotional moment with her mother (who happens to be running for Senator) that reveals a bit about the turmoils and traumas that come from a childhood in the public eye.

Between fighting for justice and finding herself, Hayes will use her intelligence, bravery and “individual” style to keep everyone on their toes.

Be sure to catch CONVICTION’s premiere episode tonight (October 3) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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