THE FLASH Season 3 Premiere: A New Reality Awaits Barry in “Flashpoint”


There’s a lot of changes coming to THE FLASH season 3 premiere after Barry saved his mother’s life in the past and then subsequently messed with the timeline. After having viewed the premiere episode, we have a few teasers to share with you.

Welcome to Flashpoint. Barry is settling in nicely to his new universe. He’s working up the nerve to ask iris out on a date, he seems to be doing well at his CSI job and there’s a new Flash (we know him as Kid Flash) worrying about the metahuman criminals around the city, which leaves Barry free to live his life.

The Prisoner. Barry has Thawne/Reverse Flash locked up and he’s figured out a way to dampen his speed. Barry is determined to ensure Thawne never escapes because now he has everything Thawne and Zoom every took from him. Thawne tells Barry he’s hiding in a strange world that isn’t as rosy as it seems, but Barry doesn’t want to believe him. Even as Thawne points out that Barry is sitting on the sidelines while other heroes risk their lives Barry is still too happy to have his parents back to want to change things. Still, Thawne warns his rival “one day soon you’ll be begging me to kill [your mother] again”.

Cracks in the Shiny Facade. But things are not as happy as Barry wants to believe. Something very bad is going on with Joe. He’s constantly missing work and Barry is desperately trying to cover for him. But Joe isn’t interested in his help and he’s got a lot of friction with his daughter. In addition to these changes Barry realizes that he’s losing memories of his former life and once Thawne figures out the reason for this he warns Barry that soon this timeline will become permanent.

The Bad Guys vs the Good Guys. There’s a new villain in Central City — the Rival — and he’s giving Kid Flash a run for his money. When Barry stumbles upon Kid Flash’s operation he joins the team. But there’s really only one person who can help them: Cisco Ramon. He’s a charismatic billionaire entrepreneur and he isn’t that eager to help Team Kid Flash. We’re also introduced to Caitlin. ¬†She’s now a paediatric ophthalmologist in this reality and not part of the team, although her scientist brain proves helpful in a pinch.

Expect two big cliffhangers at the end of the episode, both of which look likely to have lasting repercussions. Tune in to the season premiere of THE FLASH on Tuesday, October 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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