EMPIRE Sneak Peek: Mariah Carey Makes a Grand Appearance


Lucious desperately needs exclusive content for his new streaming platform, Empire Extreme, and everything he does in this week’s episode is with that goal is mind. If he can’t get to a requisite number of subscribers, he’ll lose tens of millions of dollars. To accomplish his goal he sets a few things in motion, including trying to sign one of Angelo Dubois’ boys who is interested in being a rapper, and trying to release Jamal’s “black and white” album.

Jamal, meanwhile, is still grappling with his shooting and has joined a PTSB support group, although he doesn’t seem to gain much from the experience. Cookie has her own plan to help him and recruits superstar Kitty (guest star Mariah Carey) to perform with him. He’s not eager to get up on stage again any time soon, but he does agree to record a song with Kitty and put it up on Empire’s streaming platform. Unfortunately, his latest appearance in the recording studio doesn’t go as well as planned — at least not initially.

Elsewhere, Andre is bailed out of jail after being beaten up by the police and his parents want to fight fire with fire. Lucious suggests that they call up Thirsty for help in dealing with the police, but Andre wants to do this by the book and gets his own lawyer. But when he finally appears in front of the judge he realizes how crazy the charges are against him. And when his lawyer suggests they make all of this go away with a plea bargain, Andre insists that he’s not going down for something he didn’t do.

Finally, the hostility between Lucious and Anika heats up as he flaunts a dalliance with another woman in front of her face until she starts fighting back. Anika proves that she’s just as good a player as Lucious is and realizes she’s got some leverage over the man. The question is how long he’ll allow her this leverage.

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