MODERN FAMILY Sneak Peek: Cam and Mitchell Get Blindsided and Luke Runs for President


Cam pulls a little “Blind Side” action in this week’s all new MODERN FAMILY. When he learns that his star football player is set to move in the middle of the season, Cam makes a rash decision and invites him to live at his house. When he brings the proposal to Mitchell, Mitchell says no. Unfortunately, Cam already promised the kid he would have a place to stay. Awk-ward.

Elsewhere, Luke’s principal tells Luke and Claire that he has terrible test scores, so he’ll need really good extra-cirriculars if he has any hope of getting into college. Luke decides to run for senior class president, but this pitts him against Manny, who desperately wants to win the election. Gloria and Jay try to convince Luke to let Manny have this one and not run, but Claire and Luke decide to throw his hat into the ring. This means war between the Dunphys and the Pritchett’s as Claire, Gloria and Jay act as campaign managers for their respective children.

Finally, Phil insists on helping Hayley now that she’s started her own promotion business. He wants to introduce her to marketing guru Merv Schechter (played by Martin Short), who “hasn’t seen a stress ball he can’t slap a logo on yet.”

A new episode of MODERN FAMILY airs tonight (October 5) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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