SCORPION: Walter Takes a Ride on a Rocket to Space


Everyone is stressed out at the garage when this week’s SCORPION begins: Walter isn’t happy about Paige and Tim, Toby is stressed out about Happy’s secret husband and Sylvester is unhappy about his friends’ moods.

Enter Elia, who needs help from Team Scorpion as his business runs into issues. Specifically, he needs Walter and the others to look into some issues with a space rocket before they lose a big contract. As Paige and Tim banter back in Mission Control, Walter turns off his coms inside the rocket. So when a storm blows into the area and strikes the rocket with lightening, the rocket’s launch sequence activates and the team can’t disable it. Which means Walter is hurtling off into space.

Fortunately, Walter is knowledgeable about space travel and its history and manages to do what he needs to in order to reboot the computers. But his parachutes and coms have malfunctioned, which means he’s flying blind and will crash back to earth once his rocket runs out of fuel.

Back on the ground the team struggles to establish communications with Walter and figure out a way to have someone pick him up before he crashes. But their biggest problem is the fact that Walter’s oxygen has run low and he’s hallucinating. It also means he has less than 30 minutes to live.

On the rocket Walter’s brain is convincing him that Paige is there with him, which leads some hilarious views of him dancing alone without gravity. It also leads to the real Paige having a conversation with Walter where he shares some big revelations.

Eventually a crazy, extremely dangerous and thrilling plan is enacted to save Walter’s life.

Don’t miss an all new episode of SCORPION tonight (October 10) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and CityTV (Canada).

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