SUPERNATURAL Season 12 Sneak Peek: The Cast Teases What’s to Come


SUPERNATURAL is returning for its twelfth season this week and the Winchsters are facing a few big challenges. Chief among them is the fact that their long-deceased mother, Mary Winchester, has been brought back to life. Given the fact that Dean was just a young boy when she died — and the fact that Sam never got to know his mother at all — this is a big deal. Then, of course, there’s the British Men of Letters, who have taken Sam hostage. And there’s Lucifer, who is free thanks to Castiel. Both Cas and Crowley want him locked up again, albeit for very different reasons.

The CW has put out a few interviews with the cast of SUPERNATURAL, each of which feature never-before-seen sneak peeks from the first few episodes. Here’s what we’ve learned from them:

-Sam seems pretty confident when faced with the British MOL. After all, this guy has been tortured by the Devil, so he’s certain he can take whatever they’re dishing out. We’re going to see what the MOL are after pretty quickly, according to Jared Padalecki.

-Mary’s return will give the Winchesters a big opportunity to be sons, which is not something we really saw with John.

-Lucifer has control over Hell again, but Mark Sheppard introduces a clip where we learn that Lucifer is jumping from vessel to vessel. And as long as he’s alive, Crowley won’t be able to regain his throne as King of Hell.

-Castiel feels guilty for letting Lucifer out of his cage and he’s determined to “set things right,” says Misha Collins, which is going to involve him hunting the Devil. Cas also has a camaraderie with Mary, who is a bit of an outsider in modern times.

Tune in for the season premiere of SUPERNATURAL on Thursday, October 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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