LAW & ORDER: SVU Sneak Peek – Reconnecting With the Past


Rollins is reconnecting with her sister Kim in this week’s LAW & ORDER: SVU. When Kim is released from prison on parole she comes to live with her sister, but Rollins is overly cautious about having her sister in her life, particularly around her daughter. And while Rollins lays out some ground rules in order for Kim to live with her (specifically, no drinking or drugs), we have to wonder if Kim will fall back into old habits or whether she’s serious about turning her life around.

Meanwhile, the case of the week involves an athlete who is the victim of sexual assault. As the SVU detectives investigate further they learn that her secret double life — where her attacker claims she’s a prostitute — could jeopardize not only their case, but also her future in sports.

Tune in to an all new LAW & ORDER: SVU tonight (October 12) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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