SCREAM Preview: First Look at the Halloween Special


The season 2 murder spree on SCREAM ended with Emma’s boyfriend — Kieran — being unmasked as the killer and being thrown into prison, but that doesn’t mean the gang’s days of being victims are over. The MTV series is airing a two-hour Halloween special next week that resurrects an old mystery.

The preview below gives us an update as to where the characters are now — particularly, Noah and Stavo are best-selling authors thanks to a book they wrote on the Lakewood murders. When their editor insists they get their next manuscript to the publisher, they head to Shallow Grove Island to research the legend of Anna Hobbs and take Emma, Brooke and Audrey along with them.

The legend of Anna Hobbs says that she killed her entire family on Halloween, so when people start dying via hedge clippers on the island the group has to wonder exactly who they’re dealing with. Could it Brandon James? Because Ms. Duval gets a call from someone who might be Brandon and a visitor to a motel gets called Mr. James as he checks in.

The SCREAM special will air on October 18 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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