CONVICTION Sneak Peek: A New Hayes Morrison?


Hayes Morrison, former first daughter and leading lady of ABC’s CONVICTION, is ready for a new week of causing chaos.

When the CIU gets their newest case of the week some of the members are less than thrilled with Hayes’ choice. A bigoted, racist man getting an appeal for hate crimes? That’s not the feel-good, happy ending of the first two cases we have seen the team work on. But like Wallace says, some convictions deserve to be upheld, and if Hayes and her crew can undoubtedly prove this inmate’s guilt, he will remain a bigot in prison.

But, the case isn’t the only thing keeping viewers tuned in. It also looks like we get a glimpse into Maxine’s personal life. A visit to her father in search of a source for the case leads to a conversation about how this job at CIU is not “her first choice of jobs”. Combine this with her sobriety chip we glanced last week and it seems like this cop has a troubled past of her own.

But no one has a troubled past like Hayes. This week’s episode holds more insight into the trials of growing up in the spotlight, and when Wallace holds a press conference he introduces “the new Hayes Morrison” to a reporter questioning her past “party-girl” attitude and brushes with the law. Hayes doesn’t seem to take to kindly to getting pinned down as the predictable good-girl though, and instead takes a controversial case while (as Wallace says) riding her metaphorical motorcycle with no helmet.

Catch an all new CONVICTION tonight (October 17) 2016 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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