CHICAGO FIRE Sneak Peek: Political Scheming


After an exciting premiere, CHICAGO FIRE is gearing up to keep viewers on their toes for the rest of the season. The first big drama comes from Matt’s newest foray into the political world. When a fellow “politician” approaches Casey with a threat, Casey faces a decision between keeping his integrity and keeping his position in power. If this crooked dealer releases information to the press about how Casey helped Dawson jump through hoops of the foster system, then Casey could lose the support of his community. But, allowing himself to be blackmailed into voting doesn’t seem to be the right decision either.

Another tough decision must be made by Chief Boden in regards to Jimmy. When Stella, Mouch, Hermann and Otis approach with an ultimatum about Jimmy, Boden must go to the board or risk losing an entire truck of firefighters. Given Jimmy’s situation and the crews concern that he isn’t able to take care of himself — much less have their backs — Boden makes the call to the board as long as the team agrees to work with Jimmy in the meantime.

Be sure to watch an all new CHICAGO FIRE tonight (October 18) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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