SUPERNATURAL Preview: Rick Springfield is the Newest Lucifer


When the announcement that rocker Rick Springfield was joining SUPERNATURAL as the new Lucifer was made at Comic-Con, the news was greeted with applause. The producers explained that Springfield would be playing Vince Vincente, who starts off as a guy woo is “pretty sympathetic and he’s lost his wife. He’s tortured. Once he accepts Lucifer, he is evil incarnate. As an acting exercise it’s pretty intense. He’s written as pretty evil. It’s a good part,” producer Robert Singer teased.

Now a new preview below introduces us to Springfield’s character. As we saw in the season premiere, Lucifer is jumping from vessel to vessel until he settles on Vincete. Once that happens, he seems to enjoy the adoration and acclaim that comes with being a rock star. And while both Castiel and Crowley are hot on his heels in order to lock him back up (one for “saving the world” purposes, the other for more selfish reasons), Lucifer seems content to live as Vincete rather than trying to destroy the world any longer. At least for now.

The next new episode of SUPERNATURAL airs on October 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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