CHICAGO MED Sneak Peek: Trouble at the Marathon


The staff has to contend with the heat, the Chicago Marathon, and a car accident on tonight’s CHICAGO MED.

While April and Noah are at the marathon, they have to deal with a car accident that leaves one person critically injured and leaves the pair without any means to do what they need to help because there’s no doctor around at first. With Dr. Halstead’s help, they manage to try and help the patient but soon find that there’s a possibility that the meddling may have hurt rather than helped the man.

Elsewhere on CHICAGO MED, Dr. Choi takes on Olga, an older patient who comes in malnourished. He calls for Dr. Charles to try and see if she’s done this on purpose or is not telling the truth about what happened to her pills and in the process find out a few more facts about Olga’s living situation that has the doctors asking more questions.

Meanwhile, Dr. Manning tends to a case that quickly takes a turn for the complicated and Ms. Goodwin works on trying to get her personal life in order.

Watch a new CHICAGO MED tonight (October 19) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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