SUPERNATURAL Preview: A Family Hunting Trip


Dean seemed to have trouble adjusting to Mary’s return in this week’s SUPERNATURAL, not knowing how to deal with having his mother in his life. Sam, meanwhile, still refused to give up any information to Toni, who quickly turned to torturing him herself. When Cas got a lead on Toni’s location, Dean headed out to find his brother. He was hesitant to bring his mother along, but Mary insisted she could handle herself. After arriving at the seemingly abandoned farmhouse Dean went in alone, while Mary waited outside with Cas, who was warded against going into the building. Of course, Dean got himself captured, which meant Mama Winchester had to save both of her boys.

Rowena, meanwhile, wanted to leave her old life behind and had taken to dating rich men. But Crowley still wanted his mother’s help in settling a score with Lucifer. Speaking of Lucifer, we met the Devil’s newest vessel this week: Vince Vicente. He was a mildly popular rock star, but he was dealing with the grief of losing his wife. When Lucifer messed with his mind and appeared as his wife, he unknowingly agreed to be his vessel. Rowena and Crowley managed to trap Lucifer, but couldn’t send him back to the cage and the Devil trapped Rowena when Crowley ran for his life.

In the end, another British Men of Letters member — Mick — arrived to tell the brothers that he wanted to work with them, not against them. He gave them time to come around and then took Toni back to England to face consequences for going too far. Later, Toni told Mick that the Winchesters needed to go if they got in their way and Mick agreed, if it got that far. And we learned that Mr. Ketch — apparently a very dangerous man — was on his way from England.

In next week’s episode, the Winchester family goes on a hunt together, investigating a case involving a crying baby and an abandoned house. It looks like we’re dealing with some very creepy ghosts. Meanwhile, Crowley and Castiel team up to hunt down Lucifer/Vince.

Don’t miss an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL airing on Thursday, October 27 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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