CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Season 2 Premiere Teasers: Crazier Than Ever


Rebecca took a big risk in the CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND season finale by telling Josh that she moved to West Covina for him. Will he understand or will he turn on her? Here’s what you need to know about the season 2 premiere:

Misdirection. Rebecca is the consummate lawyer and when Josh brings up her “love story” line from the finale, so she confuses him so much that he believes he called it their love story. She’s clearly in love with him, but she’s also smart enough to realize that Josh isn’t there yet.

Keeping it Casual. We soon learn that Josh gave Valencia their shared apartment when he broke things off with her, which means he’s actually living with Rebecca. Except he’s sleeping on the couch….after he has sex with her. Rebecca is understandably frustrated with the situation and Paula thinks that Josh is just exploiting her, but Rebecca insists that they’re in a relationship. Except maybe Rebecca is just trying to convince herself, at least that’s the underlying message in one of her early songs, “Love Kernels” (which is a riff on Beyonce’s Lemonade).

Greg vs. Josh. Greg has disappeared since the wedding and has only sent Rebecca one text in the last month. Josh’s behavior towards Rebecca leads Paula to think that Rebecca giving up on Greg was the wrong thing to do. Meanwhile, Josh is clearly conflicted over the Greg situation and wants things squared away with him about Rebecca — a kind of “bro code” thing. The situation with Greg is also forcing Rebecca to confront her own narcissism and Greg’s father (who definitely doesn’t like her) is the first one to really give her a push in that direction.

Trying to Better Yourself. We soon learn that Greg is addressing his alcoholism (look back on season 1 and it all becomes so clear) and he’s working on becoming a better person. Paula, meanwhile, realizes she’s addicted to Rebecca’s crazy drama and decides to focus on herself. To do this, she’s decided to enrol in law school.

Don’t miss the season 2 premiere of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND tonight (October 21) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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