New Trailer for GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE Released


Lorelai is feeling a bit without direction in the new extended trailer for GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE.

The continuation series — made up of four 90 minute chapters — will each span one season in a year: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. When we rejoin the Gilmore girls, Lorelai’s relationship with Luke is at an unnerving standstill; Rory’s budding journalism career in New York has stalled before it’s even begun; and Emily’s world is turned upside down following the untimely passing of her beloved husband, Richard. Travel back to Stars Hollow with Lorelai, Rory, Emily and all of your favorite GILMORE GIRLS characters.

GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE launches Friday, November 25, everywhere that Netflix is available.

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