24: LEGACY Preview: Start the Clock


Keifer Sutherland is busy being President over on ABC, so a new hero will have 24 hours to save the day when 24: LEGACY premieres on Fox at midseason.

Six months before the show begins, a squad of U.S. Army Rangers — led by Sergeant Eric Carter — killed terrorist leader Sheik Ibrahim Bin-Khalid in Yemen. After the death, Bin-Khalid’s followers declared a fatwah against Carter, his squad and their families, forcing them into federal witness protection. After a recent attempt on Carter’s life, he realizes that his team is now exposed.

In order to stop more attacks, Carter seeks out Rebecca Ingram, a brilliant intelligence officer who helped lead the raid. She’s since stepped down from her post as National Director of CTU in order to support her husband’s, Senator John Donovan, run for President. Carter and Ingram soon uncover a ”sophisticated terrorist network that will force them to ask: “Who can we trust?’”.

Watch a new preview for the series below. 24: LEGACY will premiere after the Super Bowl on Fox.

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