SUPERNATURAL Preview: A Family Secret


The Winchesters headed out on a family hunting trip in this week’s SUPERNATURAL when Mary got wind of a case involving two people killed in a locked room. The case led them to an abandoned and run-down house that was haunted. When Mary got marked by the ghost, the boys left her behind to salt and burn the corpse. But Mary returned to the house and got possessed, attacking her sons before they could figure out how to stop the ghost. In the end, however, Mary mourned losing John and her sons as she knew them, opting to leave for now after telling Sam and Dean that she loved them.

Meanwhile, Castiel headed out after getting a lead on Lucifer and was soon joined by Crowley, who proposed that they pair up to find the Devil. The duo headed out to find Vince Vicente’s sister, Wendy, and Castiel realized that Lucifer had Rowena. At Vince’s cabin, Rowena performed some fancy spell work to banish Lucifer and speed up the decaying process of his vessel. Now he’s MIA.

In next week’s SUPERNATURAL the Winchester brothers investigate a case involving a very religious family living off the grid. And it turns out that the family is hiding a big secret that could be disastrous. Meanwhile, the brothers continue to reel from Mary’s decision to head out on her own.

Watch a preview below for an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL airing on Thursday, November 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. You can also browse through photos for the episode here.

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