THE CROWN Preview: Two British Power Players Face Opposition


Winston Churchill is one of the key figures who led Britain through WWII and when THE CROWN begins he has recently been re-elected as Prime Minister. But Churchill is aging and there are members within his party (including his own Foreign Secretary) who wish to see the former “Father of the Nation” step down from power and make way for a younger generation.

Churchill, however, is not stupid or naive. He knows that people are out to get him, but he insists on soldiering on and doing the best job that he can.

One of his most important jobs is training the new Queen — Elizabeth — in her duties. Elizabeth is only in her mid-twenties when her father dies and she inherits the crown. She’s torn between her duties as a wife, mother and daughter and her duties as soverign. Often, these duties clash in a way that will force her to choose between these very different sides of her life. As a young monarch with little experience, Elizabeth feels ill-equipped to govern and to go up against the power players in the government.

THE CROWN will premiere on Netflix on November 4.

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