FREQUENCY: The Cast Teases This Week’s Episode and Raimy’s First Day on the Job


In this week’s FREQUENCY Raimy remembers two divergent timelines as she recalls her first day in the NYPD: on in which her father is alive and works with her on her first day, and one in which he’s dead. In the timeline where her father is dead, it’s Stan Moreno who accompanies her that day.

During a recent trip to the set of FREQUENCY in Vancouver*, the cast talked about this week’s episode, how the two timelines will play out and the revelations we’ll learn about Stan.

Peyton List was surprised by the overall structure of the episode, saying “I had no idea that we would even tackle something like that — that we would be exploring her memory once we altered the original timelines where Frank lived past when she was eight years old. That we would be exploring a memory of something that was her as a really young adult and then also throwing back to the original timelines. I sort of thought the original timelines would be out and we wouldn’t revisit how that panned out in her real original memory. So, it’s really interesting seeing the two different [timelines]. It’s like the fork in the road. And comparing the same day, or the same first day of work, and how it goes differently, if you’re on the job with a parent and someone who’s looking over your shoulder in that way. Or if you’re going in completely by yourself, thrown into the deep end, and trying to prove yourself. I think they’re very different experiences.”

Anthony Ruivivar teased that in the present day “you’ll see how [Stan has] risen in the ranks. You’ll see where he’s progressed. The way that Stan kind of operates has let him rise in rank and status and then he becomes even more of a bigger fish that you basically can’t fuck with.” Specifically, in tonight’s “there’s a timeline where Raimy’s first day on the job — [her] first day as a cop — she rides with her father in the timeline that he was alive. In the timeline that he’s not alive — that he was killed — I ride with her on her first day. So you see kind of Stan trying to enlist Raimy into his side of the force. Kind of trying to take her under his wing and it’s an interesting episode because both her father and myself are trying to tutor her, trying to mentor her, but just in completely different ways. Ultimately that’s juxtaposed with the present day where Raimy’s found out a lot about who Stan is and knows who Stan is and some evidence is brought against him, which Stan in present day is like ‘how the hell did you figure that out?’ And so Raimy and Stan start butting heads in the present.” In addition, while Stan in 1996 was investigating drugs, in 2016 he “has a bigger scope. He’s risen in the ranks so he does weigh in on the Nightingale [investigation].”

List also says that “because [Raimy] has the information that Stan set up Frank in ‘96, she is forevermore going to see Stan in a different light. She didn’t have that information in the original timeline. She looked at Stan the way everybody else looked at Stan, given the information that she had. What’s interesting is that, since the timeline has shifted, where Frank lives, Stan has no recollection of the original timeline. So it’s an interesting thing to navigate in 2016 now because she has memories of Stan from when she was 21, but he doesn’t. So how does that affect the dynamic of being wary of him, but also how can she manipulate him to get information based on knowing him better than he knows her?”

Meanwhile, what’s Satch’s reaction to Raimy’s first day on the job? Mekhi Phifer says “He’s proud of her. In a nutshell, he’s seen her go through the academy, go through the ranks. But there’s two realities: the reality of Frank being there and seeing it, and then him not being there. In the reality he is not there, Satch took on much more of a mentorship, fatherly role. If he’s around, he wouldn’t have to take that role. He’s a fun uncle. He’s definitely proud of her and proud of seeing her go through the ranks and finally live up the dream of being an officer.”

A new episode of FREQUENCY airs tonight (November 2) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

*Travel and accommodation provided by Warner Bros. Television

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