CONVICTION Sneak Peek: Hayes’ Weapon of Choice — The Truth


After Hayes’ “truth bomb” in the last episode of CONVICTION, “the agony” of Hayes continues. Dealing with the fallout from her national interview — where she admitted that her status as former first daughter got her out of a cocaine possession charge and into a new job as head of the CIU — Hayes is looking for a way to make things right.

She tries first with Wallace, giving him a present (an enormous bottle of ibuprofen, a gag gift to get them back to their flirtatious selves), but instead of getting in on the joke, Wallace throws it in the trash. After sincerely arguing that she didn’t know he was going to face blowback from her interview in the form of an attorney general investigation, Hayes is given a bit of a metaphorical slap to the face. Wallace is done. Done with her, personally that is. He confesses that while her unproductive, wild and — more often than not — destructive behavior turns him on, he can’t have it in his life.

It seems Wallace isn’t the only man to cut Hayes out of his life recently. After the interview, viewers saw Hayes head back to her shared apartment with her brother, only to find that all of her belongings had been brought down and that Jackson had instructed the doorman not to let her through. In this week’s preview it doesn’t look like things have gotten better.

But there is some hope. Hayes calls on her mother (a rare event) for advice. The elder Morrison advises Hayes that even though she didn’t mean for Wallace’s job to be put in jeopardy or for her mother’s Senate poll numbers to drop, these consequences are directly correlated with her actions and, therefore, are her responsibility, no matter how sorry she is. Here, viewers see in the sneak peek below the way in which Hayes could possibly come out on top — by wielding her “weapon of choice: the truth.”

Viewers will see this weapon of Hayes play out in the case of the haves versus the have nots where a man’s wife was apparently murdered by a young man who they welcomed into their life and home out of pity. If it turns out he did the crime then he is to stay in jail, but Hayes and her team fear that this particular inmate may not have gotten a fair trial given his social status.

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