LUCIFER: The Cast Teases the Fallout from Lucifer’s Big Reveal & Previews Tonight’s Episode


Since the beginning of the series, Lucifer has not hidden his true identity from people. In fact, he won’t stop telling people that he’s the actual devil. But everyone — from Dr. Linda to Chloe to Ella — don’t believe he’s telling the truth. However, at the end of the last episode he revealed his true face to Linda and stunned her into silence. The consequences of that decision are going to affect not only Lucifer and Linda’s friendship and doctor-patient relationship, but also Maze’s budding friendship with Linda. In fact, the fallout from this reveal are going to ripple through the rest of the season.

During a recent vision to the set of LUCIFER in Vancouver*, we spoke with the cast about Linda’s initial reaction to Lucifer’s true identity and tonight’s episode, which focuses on the old death of Chloe’s father and an unlikely working alliance between Lucifer and Dan.

Lucifer’s Decision. “We’ve had it from the start that Lucifer’s been very open with people about who he is,” Tom Ellis explained. “Yes, he’s never shown anyone unless it’s in a moment of punishment towards someone and he wants to kind of freak them out. I don’t think he has any kind of immediate inclination to let anyone else know or show anyone else that because, you know, rather than just showing a scary face to someone, I like to think of it as a much more exposing moment than that. I mean, that’s him at his most vulnerable state. And what I loved about that scene with Linda is that when Lucifer does it, it doesn’t come out of a ferocious place, it doesn’t come out of trying to be threatening or domineering or anything like that. It just comes out of him going ‘this is me’. And actually, there’s a real sadness to that because he wishes he wasn’t that person.”

Dr. Linda’s Reaction. “For Linda, in particular, the fallout is not only has her world been turned upside down, but she’s been completely smashed apart,” Rachael Harris said. “She’s really having to process what it actually means to know that this mythology or whatever that she’s questioned actually exists. She’s struggling. And quite fearful. But what’s great is you get to see she’s open to finding peace in that situation.”

Repercussions for Maze.  The peace may not come soon enough for Maze, however. “There’s some big repercussions for what Lucifer did,” Lesley-Ann Brandt told us. “And I think for [Maze], she feels like it was a very selfish reveal. Because it changes the dynamics of our interactions, do you know what I mean. Sure, maybe you can see me take down a 300 pound guy and go ‘how in the hell did she do that?’ But that’s way more believable than ‘oh, you’re the devil and you’re a demon and you’re an angel and you’re the mother of all creation’. Like, how do we explain that? So I think for Maze especially, considering episode 4 where the women have bonded and she’s really found her tribe, that she once again feels like ‘you did something and you did not think of anyone else — of this affecting anyone else’. And it does affect Maze and it does affect Linda. And those scenes [tonight] are like my favorite that I’ve filmed this season so far. Because it’s real and raw and it sort of cuts to a part of this character that you don’t get to see very often — which is vulnerability, right?”

The Odd Couple. After the trauma of killing his angelic brother and his decision to reveal himself to Linda, Lucifer is dealing with his overall situation by making an unusual choice: he’s shadowing Dan in an effort to learn to be “normal”. Lucifer is “trying to channel his inner douche,” Kevin Alejandro jokingly explained. “He has this idea of who he thinks Dan might be. But he doesn’t really know. And so he is, you know, he’s befuddled, I guess, as to why Chloe is interested in a person like him. So he just wants to go to great lengths to figure it all out. To the point of dressing, walking, talking, cranking his neck a little bit like Dan. It’s cool.” While this whole endeavor comes off as amusing to the audience, Ellis said that he was “trying to not be flippant or glib about it. [I’m] trying to make it come from a genuine place for Lucifer where he believes if he learns to be like this — if he learns Dan’s secret — then life will be easier. We were having a lot of fun in the scenes, me just kind of watching him and mimicking how he stands, because he’s got quite a particular stance — it’s all douchey. It sort of started from there and grew.”

Chloe’s Search for the Truth. While Dan and Lucifer are mimicking each other, Chloe is on a serious hunt for the truth surrounding her father’s death. The man convicted of the murder has now been killed, which indicates that he may have actually be framed for the murder of Chloe’s father. This leads Chloe to become laser-focused on unraveling the mysterious conspiracy: “It’s the first time I’ve had a case I’m so invested in,” Lauren German said. “I think growing up, I was close with my father, and then he was killed. There was never a legitimate justice for him. Everything was wonky and nothing quite added up. This case comes along, and ….the usual hijinks are gone: I’m on a mission and it’s just fighting for someone you love. For me, it’s great, I had the chance to play entirely new levels of emotional levels and grief and that sort of thing. So for me that’s fun, because that’s always my favorite. Anything on the extreme end of performance is what I enjoyed the most. It’s almost an episode on a different show, in a way.”

Don’t miss an all new episode of LUCIFER tonight (November 7) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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