BLINDSPOT Sneak Peek: The Knife and the Sting


It’s been a couple of weeks since we last visited Jane Doe, Sandstorm, and the special FBI team on BLINDSPOT. Here’s where we find ourselves.

Last week began with a review of Jane Doe’s last mission with Sandstorm, which was to help her brother Roman steal a computer chip vital to Sandstorm’s ultimate mission. She was to upload it to Patterson to determine what that mission was. But Roman’s life was in danger and Jane aborted the upload last minute to save his life. No one on the FBI team could agree whether Jane was acting in the best interests of their team or just in Roman’s best interest. Then Weller confronted NSA agent Nas over a bug he found on the premises that transmits directly to her office. All season we’ve watched her secretly listening to office conversations — this was how she did it. The heated argument between the two got interrupted by the FBI computer system being taken down by Rich Dotcom, who egged them on to track him down. He was in fear for his life by an assassin who tracks and kills impossible-to-tag targets, and Dotcom came to the FBI for safety. He was up to his usual smarmy banter in an attempt to rattle the team while trying to save his life.

And finally, Agent Reade discovered the lead FBI investigator looking into the killing of the sexual predator from Reade’s past talking with a federal prosecutor. When he went in to see if he had been identified as being in the house at the time of the predator’s death, he learned the investigator’s team found the same hidden cache of videos showing the predator abusing boys. Reade had found such a video of himself and with colleague Zapata’s help stole it to keep from being implicated. But the investigators didn’t reveal knowing that. Then Zapata got a call from authorities saying they found a knife used to kill the predator, and remembering a knife missing from Reade’s home, she assumed it was his and went to the crime lab, taking it. The team saved Dotcom’s life through a series of twists and turns, and there was a steamy kiss between Weller and Nas.

This week, Zapata tells Reade about the stolen knife, which turns out to belong to Freddy, Reade’s friend who had been abused by the predator and whom Reade had been trying to get to testify against the predator in court. Now Zapata is worried about having murder evidence in her home and how to get it back without getting caught. Reade is worried about her returning it and implicating his friend for murder. Meanwhile, Weller and Jane go undercover in a sting operation set up by Patterson and then go missing, with the rest of the team looking for clues from two criminals implicated in the sting.

See our sneak peek video below and watch BLINDSPOT tonight (November 9) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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