LUCIFER: Rachael Harris and Tom Ellis on Linda’s Future Reaction to Angels and Demons


Dr. Linda Martin now knows the truth on LUCIFER. The Psychiatrists who thought her patient had been speaking in metaphors nows that the Devil and angels and demons are very real. Her initial reaction was one of shock. When Maze approached her, Linda questioned how they could be friends. But the good doctor seems to be gradually making peace with the idea that these celestial — and devilish — creatures are real.

During a visit to the set of LUCIFER in Vancouver*, Rachael Harris (Dr. Linda Martin) and Tom Ellis (Lucifer) spoke about what’s next for Linda and Lucifer now that she knows his secret. Hint: she’s actually kind of excited.

What’s Next? “What’s great is [Linda is] no longer rolling her eyes at [Lucifer] and looking at him as an object,” Harris explains. “She’s actually seeing him even though it’s completely foreign to her. When you finally hear the truth from somebody, you relax and you don’t feel like you have to manipulate. I feel their relationship gets deeper and it’s better because she feels like she can actually help him. They do get to a place where he says, ‘Look at me. I’m just a person with a very dysfunctional family.’ They get to a point where she goes, if I can look at you in this category, and he’s like, just treat me like a normal patient. She really does struggle with that….I did have a question of, ‘Is there going to be anything interesting for them to talk about?’ In actuality, now it’s even better, because she can really, really get into it with him.”

Going All In. Linda’s curiosity about things that she believed were only stories is definitely going to grow, Harris said. “In the pilot, Lucifer says [Maze] is a complicated one. She does start getting off on [this knowledge]. She starts asking him a lot of questions. [She points out,] ‘I’m the only one who knows this.’ She does get off on it and that’s what’s great: she uses her education to then ask more questions. Her whole thing is learning what makes people take. Now she’s like, now I get to learn what makes the celestial beings tick….And to Maze, she sees the humanity in Maze. She sees a growth in Maze that is really exciting.” Fans should also expect to see more from Linda and Maze as their relationship continues to deepen.

Is Lucifer Regretting His Choice? From a purely selfish standpoint, the devil doesn’t think he made the right choice according to Ellis. Mostly because Linda is too busy talking about celestial topics instead of Lucifer’s issues: “It’s kind of [like] Lucifer didn’t think this thing through. It becomes almost inconvenient for him that his therapist now wants to talk about other things other than him. So, you know, that all aside, he still wants to go to therapy and find out what’s going on with everything and her sort of going off on her own thing is very, very sort of annoying for Lucifer. It’s something that, again, he didn’t think it through. He didn’t think it through at all. So what comes with it is inconvenient and then we make a progression, but you can’t make that much progression when someone knows you’re the actual devil.”

For more on what’s next on LUCIFER, read our post-mortem cast interviews about the events of the most recent episode. And don’t miss an all new episode of LUCIFER on November 14 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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