SCORPION Sneak Peek: Meeting the In-Laws


Sylvester’s marriage to Megan didn’t last long thanks to her untimely death on SCORPION, but his love for her has lived on. And as the one-year anniversary of her death approaches, Sly, Walter and the rest of Team Scorpion travel to Ireland to celebrate Megan’s “pattern day”.

Sly has been studying the names of the various O’Brien family members and wants to impress his in-laws. Toby thinks that Sly is nervous and Walter doesn’t help by telling his friend that he probably won’t be accepted by the O’Brien’s. Paige tries to encourage Walter to be more forgiving towards his parents, but Walter isn’t interested.

Meanwhile, while in Ireland, Walter discovers that a nearby lake’s natural disaster has created a poisonous cloud that could kill everyone in the village. Also, Cabe and Toby try to alleviate the tension between Tim and Walter by making them friends.

A new episode of SCORPION airs tonight (November 14) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and CityTV (Canada).

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