ARROW: David Ramsey and Echo Kellum on Curtis’ Secrets, Diggle’s New Tech Toys and More


Diggle has rejoined Team Arrow and Curtis has formally joined the team, but both of them are struggling in their roles. For Diggle, getting over the ghosts of his past is still a task that weighs him down. For Curtis, training to be a superhero is a struggle for him. But will both of them achieve their goals?

During a recent visit to the set of ARROW in Vancouver, David Ramsey and Echo Kellum spoke to journalists to offer up a few teasers about what’s next for Diggle and Curtis, respectively.

Morphing into the Real Mr. Terrific. Curtis has had some growing pains as he’s assumed his vigilante identity. According to Kellum “I think you’ll see that in the latter half of the season, but I think, you know, Curtis’ journey is going to be very interesting seeing him kind of crawl before he walks and really get out in the field more and learn what his talents really are or what can suit him best to be out there to help the team, you know. So it’ll be this nice little journey that he goes on.”

Keeping a Secret. Felicity may have spilled the beans to her boyfriend about her vigilante job, but Curtis’ husband is still being kept in the dark. How would he react if he knew? Kellum hinted that “you’ll definitely see that in the first half this season — kind of us getting into what it means for their relationship and moving forward and what not, but I always say that I really feel like they really have a tremendous love for each other and that that’ll win through in the end. You know, that they will get past it.” Although, the lies will be continuing for a little while longer: “When he does find out, he’s definitely not going to be happy, that’s for sure. But I will say Felicity is involved in whatever scheme he’s putting up — telling his husband that he’s into. But it’ll a interesting reveal, you know, how he finds out what’s going on.”

Learning to Harness His Strength. Curtis hasn’t been as adept at fighting as some of the other new members of Team Arrow, but he’s working on it, says Kellum. “He definitely has the physical prowess, I think it’s just learning how to fight and bring that more to the field and I think that’s why he’s working so hard, you know, trying to get that salmon ladder down pat and things like that. But I think you’ll really see him to come into form and really just lean on what his strengths are, which is like using his brain too, and doing things in that nature.

Losing a Daughter, But Gaining a Son. Barry’s creation of the Flashpoint universe — and subsequent undoing of it — were not without its consequences. One consequence that was revealed almost nonchalantly is the fact that Diggle’s daughter had become Diggle’s son. A lot of fans wondered about this and Ramsey said that it is something Diggle will come to learn — although, he won’t necessarily be broken up about it. “I can tell you, it is important that he finds out. Secrets don’t say secrets for long, as you know, for long. People say that all the time on this show and that’s true — or in any of these Berlanti universes. I think his reaction is going to be a lot more compassionate. Diggle can’t miss something he’s never had. He’s being told he had a daughter but he doesn’t know he had a daughter so he can’t really miss it. So it’s less of what we know or what you think his reaction might be because we have the benefit of knowing he had a daughter because he doesn’t know. I think his reaction is going to be a lot more compassionate toward Barry, who has this extraordinary power and just kind of recklessly used it.”

Diggle’s Helmet. In a recent episode of ARROW, one of the new recruits noted Diggle’s cool helmet. Ramsey previewed that Spartan’s helmet has been tweaked for this season. He explained that “It’s been majorly tweaked. Originally, it was supposed to be a STAR Labs creation, but now it’s my understanding, it’s a STAR Labs, Felicity, some other people worked on it combination. I don’t know if they figured it out either. But originally, that was the pitch: you’re going to get a new helmet, and Cisco over at STAR Labs—there’s actually a scene when I cross over in the King Shark episode of The Flash, he asked me, ‘How do you like the helmet?” I said, ‘It needs a few tweaks.’ And he said, ‘I’m working on it.’ That’s connecting us to this season when you see a completely new mask. We haven’t quite gotten into what the mask does yet, but I talked with Marc and he said it definitely has X-ray vision. I’m kidding. But he says it has a lot of stuff it can do, and we’ll get into that later in the season.”

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(Note about the video below: the interview took place on November 2, so any mention of “tonight’s episode” means the episode that aired that week)

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