FREQUENCY: Peyton List and Daniel Bonjour Tease What’s Next for Raimy and Daniel


Raimy lost her fiancé Daniel when she changed the past in the FREQUENCY pilot, changing events so much that the pair never actually met. And while she was devastated, it seems like the universe is determined to bring the pair together by setting up chance meetings. Daniel may not know Raimy any longer, but he now seems willing to get to know her.

During a recent visit to the set of FREQUENCY, Peyton List (Raimy Sullivan) and Daniel Bonjour (Daniel) spoke to journalists about what’s next for the couple.

Forgetting the Life They Led Together As You Start With Someone New. Complicating matters beyond just changing the timeline is the fact the new Raimy had a fling with Kyle Mosbey, a fellow police officer. He’s clearly interested in her, but Raimy keeps getting pulled back to Daniel. List explained that “What’s been interesting to me, taking on those episodes with the Daniel character is remembering to forget the life that they had together. Because that life will never come back. It’s gone forever. She can remember all of those wonderful memories she shared with him, but there’s no way. You can’t reset to exactly where you started. And there’s no throwbacks to those times because he’ll have no idea what she’s talking about. They’re very different, those relationships, and I think that she’s a different person, or a different woman, with either one of [those men]. So I think that’s an interesting dilemma for her. Because she was absolutely, 100% certain when she was with Daniel in our original timeline, and throwing in somebody else, all of a sudden, she’s questioning things she never questioned before. But, then again, she has to start her relationship with Daniel all over again.”

Team Daniel or Team Kyle? Lenny Jacobson (Gordo) hinted that Raimy’s BFF may be choosing sides as her budding relationships with Daniel and with Kyle develops into a love triangle. “Without giving too much away, I think Gordo is team Mosbey. He just showed up in episode 4, the detective she has a fling with. There will be some interaction down the line. I think Daniel and Gordo were probably pretty tight — he’s obviously been around — and anyone that makes her happy is okay in my book. Kind of like as a dad. I think it might end up being a little love triangle. Which would be crazy to have a love triangle with someone new and then someone knew who doesn’t remember you. I don’t know who has the advantage. Probably the new that doesn’t remember you.”

There’s some really cool scenes coming up about that, her trying to deal with the possibility of a new boyfriend and the fiancé that doesn’t know her anymore,” Jacobson went on to tease. “I think the writers do a really good job playing around with that yet making it really sweet. This Mosbey character, the other cop, instead of just being a random guy on a show….they do some really nice stuff with him around episode 10. They treat that relationship better than you would think. So for Gordo, I think he’s happy with anyone who makes her happy and anyone who doesn’t he won’t like. But, I think he chooses sides. There’s a funny scene in episode 8 or 9 where he has his little man crush on Detective Mosbey.”

Daniel Is Skeptical….But Does He Feel Something? As Daniel and Raimy have met in the new present day timeline we’ve seen that Daniel clearly feels drawn to Raimy, but is there really a higher power calling to him? Bonjour hinted that “I wasn’t sure if we were starting to tap into fate, and am I supposed to feel things that have happened or anything? As of now, we’re keeping it very much in the realm of it’s just strange. She is literally repeating to me what I love about Sundays [for example, in a recent episode] and saying that she’s experienced them. So it’s more along the lines of this is going from weird and crazy to explainable. That’s as close as the connection gets. This obviously beautiful person is telling me things that I love. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m also not completely sold at this point.”

He went on to say that “When I had a conversation with Jeremy [Carver, the showrunner], the biggest thing is she’s the type of person that if she had just come and said hi, I probably would have talked to her. That’s what’s throwing me off the most. She doesn’t need this whole song and dance to convince me to do something, and so, I think that’s what’s throwing me off the most. There has to be something behind it. [But] I don’t know where it’s headed.”

Keeping Secrets. While it’s clear that Raimy would like to start something with her old boyfriend, don’t expect her to start blabbing about her secret ham radio that can speak to the past. Bonjour explained that Daniel will be kept in the dark about the radio, even if he wonders what she’s doing out there in the garage: “She keeps it very private. I think that’s what make Raimy and Daniel work in the first place. I mean, they allow each other to have their separate lives and she is very closed off to many people, but not Daniel. I think he just accepts that about her. In this new relationship story that is going, it’s probably more of the same.”

Starting Anew. There is, however, hope for the pair, particularly after the last episode. Bonjour said that “We’re going to start exploring a Raimy and Daniel that you haven’t seen. There’s no moment where there’s going to be an epiphany that Daniel’s all, ‘Oh, it’s all meant to be.’ You’re seeing a new, fresh relationship form, and there’s something beautiful about that, because if you do believe that there are two people that are meant for each other, there will be that feeling, but nothing based on some past that I don’t remember. So you’re seeing Raimy kind of tackle this guy from different angles just to see whatever works, and this guy’s starting to fall for this girl maybe – or not. Or think she’s even weirder. But it’s a totally brand new relationship.”

The past, however, will continue to inform the relationship, even if it’s just from Raimy’s side only, Bonjour said. “The insight into their past relationship informs Raimy more than it informs Daniel. I think that for that sake it’s to show her connection to it and her need to have this comfort where everything is stripped from her. Like her mother being gone is devastating, but Daniel is the person she woke up to every day and that would be the one person she could tell this to and say, ‘I’m really having a tough time not having a mom around.’ I think those flashbacks are for her. For me, in Daniel’s story, it’s all new. How she will know little things, like what you’ll start to see, is the details that she understands. There will be moments where Daniel’s like, ‘How did you know that’s my favorite whatever?’ Those are kinda funny and cute, but they get along so well in moments that it’s not about the past any more, it’s just about why does this fit and will it keep fitting.”

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