ARROW: The Cast Teases Tonight’s Episode and the Introduction of ‘Vigilante’


Oliver and Team Arrow will be meeting a new crime fighter in this week’s episode. Vigilante is the alter-ego of D.A. Adrian Chase in the comics, but we’re not entirely sure if the show will follow the same origins.

During a visit to the set of ARROW in Vancouver, the cast teased Vigilante’s introduction to the show.

The Introduction of Vigilante. Josh Segarra (D.A. Adrian Chase) teased that “I don’t want to say too much, because I’m actually really excited to surprise everybody. We get to meet Vigilante. What’s been important to me is that when I watch something that’s based off literary script, I’m excited to see the parts that I imagined in my head the most. So when I started reading the Vigilante comics, there were of course parts that I was just, “Oh, my God, I hope I get to do this! Or I hope I get to go down on this road!” And so far I’m getting to do a lot of those things. Episode 7, when you finally meet Vigilante, it’s a pretty exciting time, I think, for Chase and for the Vigilante.” While we don’t know if Chase will be Vigilante, we do know that the D.A. will be branching out more, according to Segarra. “I was dying to meet other characters, too. I was like, ‘Dude, Steve, you’re cool and all, but come on, where’s Ramsey over here?’ Yeah, Chase starts getting involved a little bit more into the rest of the world. So right now, getting to meet some important folks, and you’ll see where he sits later on.”

Oliver’s Mirror. Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) described the introduction of Vigilante as a mirror for Oliver. “Vigilante is another episode — you know, we have a lot of these episodes — where it’s kind of Oliver holding up a mirror a little bit. And seeing whether or not what he is doing is having an impact. And the thing that I like about the episode is that he learns that even if it’s not going as quickly as he wants, there’s still…they really are on the right path. I mean, I spoke a lot at the 100th episode party about how this isn’t the happiest that Oliver has ever been, but this is the most resolute and confident that he has been in his path. That Vigilante episode is another opportunity for him to learn that and become more resolute.”

Don’t miss an all new episode of ARROW tonight (November 16) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW (U.S.) and on CTV Two (Canada).

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