SUPERNATURAL Preview: The Devil is a Rock Star


The Winchester brothers headed to Jody’s house for a visit in this week’s SUPERNATURAL. But that visit was cut short when Jody got news that a friend and fellow hunter — Asa Fox — had died on the job. Along with the boys, she headed to Manitoba, Canada to pay her respects to her friend. Mary Winchester also stopped by unexpectedly and we learned that she had saved young Asa many years ago and started him on the hunter path. Dean was upset that Mary had been avoiding them for so long, but she was apologetic. When the group realized that they had been trapped in the house by a crossroads demon who was picking them off one by one, they tried to figure out what to do, eventually splitting off to track the demon. Dean, meanwhile, had ventured outside for some air before Billie stopped by to reap a fresh soul and threw him back inside at his request.

The demon possessed Jody before being exorcised and revealed a big secret about one of the hunters: he was responsible for Asa’s death. In the end, Billie told Mary that she didn’t belong on Earth and gave her a chance to go back to Heaven, but Mary declined the offer. She wasn’t ready to come back to the bunker yet, but she did enjoy a nice breakfast with her boys.

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SUPERNATURAL is on hiatus for a week, but when the show returns in early December, Vince Vicente will have resurfaced (quite literally) from the depths of the ocean. Once he gets his deteriorating vessel fixed, he’ll realize that rock stars can get their fans to do almost anything. Determined to put on a special VIP concert and kill his fans, the devil will find resistance in the form of the Winchester brothers, Castiel and Crowley, who are determined to put a stop to Lucifer’s devious plan.

Watch a sneak peek below for an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL airing on December 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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