LUCIFER: The Cast Talks Mom’s Intentions, the Appearance of God and More


Since the introduction of Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mother on LUCIFER, fans have been left wondering what she has up her sleeve. Are her intentions pure towards her “children” or is she evil? And, for that matter, will her ex-husband (ie. God) be making an appearance this season?

During a visit to the LUCIFER set in Vancouver, stars Tom Ellis (Lucifer), Tricia Helfer (Mom/Charlotte), DB Woodside (Amenadiel) and writer Mike Costa spoke to journalists about Mom’s intentions, the figure of God hanging over the series and whether we’ll see any other characters from the comics on the show.

The God Problem. God made a deal with Lucifer at the end of last season and when Lucifer failed to honor his side of the bargain, his Father sent down Uriel to collect on the debt. Now Uriel is dead — killed by Lucifer’s hand — and Lucifer is still dodging his Father. So will God send another collector down? Ellis said that “a big part of our season this year is about that. It’s about what God has in store. Or what God has put in the path of Lucifer. Maybe not so specifically about that particular deal, but it’s more about Lucifer getting his head around — it’s a power struggle. Lucifer wants to take that power away from his dad and ultimately the question is ‘can he? Is that possible?’ Or is this person, this omniscient being everyone believes is here, are they in control kind of things? The big aspect of religion and stuff like that is how much of it is our choice and how much of it is all pre-determined or pre-destined and all of that. So we touch on that.”

Costa did, however, flat out tell us that we shouldn’t expect to see God any time soon, saying “the question of God, the fact that he is so present and not there is a gift in a lot of ways. We have the conversation in episode 5 where they say, ‘We don’t know what he wants. We don’t know what God wants because he doesn’t talk to us.’ That gives our characters room to project into that. Right now, we’re just dealing with that. And God is not appearing any time soon, if that’s the question. No. He’s still removed and it’s about Lucifer and Mom and Amenadiel trying to deal with essentially an absent father.”

Woodside jokingly said “It’s always been my hope that God is played by Morgan Freeman in like Season 5. I think what makes the show so powerful is we have the same relationship with God that humans do. He doesn’t exactly talk to us, we don’t know what he wants. There’s something that’s really interesting about that. I hope we don’t see God until our very last season.”

Does Mom/Charlotte Have Genuine Love For Her Sons? LUCIFER fans have been suspicious since day 1 that Mom’s motives may not have been innocent. It seems clear now that she’s looking to get her ex-husband’s attention and get some revenge against him for casting her into Hell, while at the same time she’s eager to bring her sons back to Heaven. But how much of her love for her sons is genuine? Helfer said that “Where we are, I haven’t read the rest of the episodes or the outlines. But I’d probably make a safe bet that it’s both: Mom has a genuine affection for her children. But she also has a plan. She has something that she wants. She wants to get back what was taken from her. I’ve said it before, but it really was true. She was banished down to Hell. She would like to get back up to Heaven. That’s very clear. Does she have to do some things along the way that she wouldn’t otherwise want to do? But she does genuinely love her children.”

Meanwhile, Woodside agreed with Helfer and said “One of the things I can say is she really does love her children. She’s a mom. We play [with] the reality, [but] the circumstances very real. You have these children who come from a divorced household and for reasons we don’t really know, the father was pretty cruel to their mom. She’s trying to have a relationship with her sons, which makes sense. We just don’t know if there’s more behind it or she’s genuine. The way Tricia plays it, it’s just amazing.

In Her Absence. What does Mom think about what Lucifer has been up to in her absence? Given that she doesn’t think much of humans, it’s clear she’s doesn’t understand his desire to remain on Earth while she wants to return to Heaven. Helfer said that Mom “looks at humanity as insects, mosquitoes. She doesn’t understand the fascination, and doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want to go back. She can understand why he doesn’t want to go back to Hell, but she can’t understand why he doesn’t want to go back to Heaven. In the beginning of the season when Mom was a fish out of water, being in a human body for the first time, hating humanity, but also being in the form and getting used to things. She of course knows about humanity and how it generally works, but there are intricacies that are difficult. But as we go along, the more she’s here, the more she’s going to be comfortable in the skin she’s in, the more she’s going to be comfortable with what’s going on. And because of that, the more you’re involved in something, the more you start to empathize or sympathize with somebody. So she will start to understand some things and like some things she never would have thought in the first couple of episodes and when she first got here. She never would have thought she would like anything about being in human form. I think she’ll start to understand Lucifer to some extent, but she wouldn’t understand why he wouldn’t want to leave. And that may be where a plan starts to form — figuring out how to get back.”

Revealing His True Form. Lucifer took a bit of a risk when he showed his true face to Linda and now that the therapist is aware of the existence of celestial beings she’s fascinated with them. How will Mom react when she finds out that her son may have blown their cover? With nonchalance, actually. She learns about this in tonight’s episode and “there probably is some concern over what could happen,” Helfer said. “But at this point she’s not too concerned about it. It’s not changing much of the dynamic. And she probably feels she could do something about it if things did start to cause a problem. I’m not sure what, but at this point, she’s not too concerned about it.

Will the Show Introduce More Characters From the Comics? “We talk about that a lot, and a lot of it is a timing thing,” Costa admitted. When’s the right time? Because the comic is so obviously totally supernatural, and we want to be very careful when we introduce our supernatural characters so that we don’t just start throwing everything at the wall. When Uriel showed up, it was a very specific reason, and it served a very strong dramatic purpose. So much as we all have our favorite characters from the comic and we definitely want to see more of them, but every time we introduce a character like that, it has to be such a big deal.” Costa did, however, admit that there’s one comics character he’d love to see: “Gaudium is a big favorite. I don’t know how we would make Gaudium work, but it would be great if we could figure that out.”

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