CHICAGO FIRE Sneak Peek: An Ambulance Runs Over a Civilian


With the ongoing arson investigation still in play, this week’s CHICAGO FIRE has another dramatic element: Dawson’s culpability in an ambulance crash with a civilian. While the trucks of 51 respond to a medical emergency, Dawson experienced what every driver fears most: hitting a pedestrian.

At the hospital, the civilian is declared to be in a coma, and Dawson is sequestered away with a union rep. During their interview, viewers can get a clear idea about the events that transpired. Dawson, traveling 20 miles an hour in the left most lane had both sirens and lights going while continuously using her horn. Suuddenly, from behind the cover of a van just 10 feet in front of her, a pedestrian steps out. Less than a second later Dawson had already slammed on her breaks, but the collision was unavoidable.

Will there be professional repercussions for Dawson? And what will the emotional toll be if the victim ends up dying?

Catch an all new CHICAGO FIRE tonight (November 22) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT ON NBC.

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