LUCIFER Set Tour: Go Behind the Scenes of Production Design, Wardrobe and Props

Lucifer managed to save both his club and his penthouse in a recent episode of LUCIFER, so he won’t have to relocate any time soon. Which is a good thing, because both locations are very cool and dark looking and perfectly compliment his devilish nature.

During a recent visit to the LUCIFER set in Vancouver, we got a tour of the penthouse, LUX, Chloe and Maze’s new apartment and Dr. Linda’s office. You can browse through those photos above.

Meanwhile, Costume Designer Shanna Mair also shared some tidbits about what it’s like to clothe the actors on the show. For every outfit that ends up on camera, Shanna’s department tries out 4-8 outfits before the final decision is made. Imagine how many clothes they must go through for all of the main charcters and some of the more prominent extras. Her department also has 8 to 9 days to prep for every episode. As a result, for the main actors they tend to build a little closet that fits with their characters so they don’t have to scramble at the last minute. The show also can’t use the LAPD name or logo for its police characters, because it’s against copyright laws. So they’re called the “Los Angeles Police” on the show, but the costume department makes their uniforms look very close to the actual LAPD uniforms. The only difference is that their uniforms are more tailored so they look less boxy.

Lucifer’s suits are primarily Burberry, Ted Baker, Hugo Boss and Canali. Each of these suits show well on camera and fans with a keen eye will notice that he tends to wear the same suits over and over again.

Maze’s outfits, meanwhile, are a big collaboration between the costume department and Lesley-Ann Brandt because Lesley-Ann knows her character so well. Costumes will send a lot of photos back and forth and they “fall into these fantastic outfits”, says Shanna.

LUCIFER doesn’t really get a lot of inspiration from the comics because Shanna doesn’t want to be too influenced by the source material and instead wants to ensure that the show creates its own characters. However, they do include a few little nods to it. Watch out for a shirt that Maze wears in episode 11 or 12 — fans of the comics will recongize it.

Shanna explained that Mom is like three characters in one: a lawyer, Charlotte and Lucifer’s mom. She’s got that “cutting edgeness to her” and they dress her in appropriate clothes depending on what role she is playing. If she’s acting as a lawyer they “dress her like a lawyer”. If she’s acting as Lucifer’s mom “she gets a little bit of edgy sexiness”. If she’s dressing like Charlotte she “looks a bit like a mom lawyer”.

Dan is an everyday kind of guy – he has to wear comfortable clothing that makes him look a little cool and stylish. Shanna tends to dress him in a lot of leather jackets and henleys, and most of the other actors don’t wear that same combination so that he’s distinctive.

Finally, Amenadiel is probably the character that has evolved the most in terms of clothing since the show because. He went from angel outfit to a more structured suit to a more urban look as he turned into a regular guy. DB loves the new look for his character.

Don’t miss an all new episode of LUCIFER on Monday, November 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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