ARROW: Stephen Amell Reflects on the 100th Episode


ARROW is hitting a milestone right in the middle of this year’s four-part DC/CW crossover. As the 100th episode of the show approaches, ARROW is combining the events of the crossover with the return of familiar faces from the show’s tenure. During a visit to the set of ARROW in Vancouver, star Stephen Amell talked about the milestone episode.

Here’s what we know: at the end of THE FLASH last night Oliver and several other heroes were taken hostage by the Dominators, a race of aliens who have come to wreak havoc on earth. Now they’re all hooked up to some alien pods as their friends back on earth struggle to find a way to save them.

“To explain the 100th episode is impossible because it is such a radical departure from anything that we have ever done on the show and we’ve done a lot because we’ve done 100 episodes,” Amell said. “But we utilize the fantastical elements that we bring in on THE FLASH and carry through to LEGENDS OF TOMORROW with the present day storyline to create something for the 100th episode of the show that is not a flashback, it’s not a flash forward, it’s something else entirely.”

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“It basically gives us license to do whatever we want and to show some things that we’ll never be able to show on the show, to have some characters interact that will never be able to interact on the show again (probably). There was a very therapeutic moment for my character in the episode towards the end where I get to say goodbye to people that I never got the chance to say goodbye to. When you mix that together with the idea of doing a 100th episode, and the sense of accomplishment that came with that – which was much greater than I ever anticipated it would be.”

“People ask me all the time, put the past five years in perspective in terms of…we started as one show, we are now four shows in a universe that has developed on a network. I never have the ability to see the macro of what we’ve done, because I’m always in the weeds so much. But there was really a moment on the 100th episode where I took a deep breath and was like ‘this is really cool.’ We went around and looked at all the different people that have been there since the beginning and shared stories and it was very, very cool.”

Don’t miss the 100th episode of ARROW (and part 3 of the four-part crossover) tonight (November 30) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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