THE ROYALS Preview: Scandals, Resurrected Princes and Relationships Rule Season 3


The top family in Britain is back in the E! series THE ROYALS and they’re just as dysfunctional as ever.

When season 3 begins, Queen Helena is on a quest to legitimize her children so that Liam can unseat Cyrus from the throne. To do that, however, she needs Simon’s bones. Unfortunately, Cyrus is aware of that fact as well and has done away with the physical remains of his late brother. Still, Helena can get a sample for DNA another way — although Cyrus certainly isn’t going to make things easy for her.

Meanwhile, Liam and Elanor appear on a talk show and it seems like the #KingLiam movement is gaining ground. But it soon becomes clear that the recent death of Ted is hanging over the pair. When the host asks about it, Eleanor makes it clear that justice was served that day, but Liam seems to feel guilty for allowing mob rule to decide Ted’s fate. And Helena rightly points out that the family recently staged a public execution, which means they have to focus on rebuilding their image. While Eleanor tries to find a worthy product to attach her name to (and figure out how to forgive Jasper), Liam gets his frustrations out in another way.

And off on an island we encounter the formerly deceased Prince Robert. But something very suspicious is going on with the missing prince.

Don’t miss the season 3 premiere of THE ROYALS on December 4 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on E!

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