SUPERNATURAL Fall Finale Recap: The Next Phase in the Lucifer Saga


Lucifer was back to jumping from vessel to vessel in the fall finale of SUPERNATURAL. First there was a CEO, then an archbishop (which was particularly ironic). The CEO was toast, but the Winchesters soon came to learn that the archbishop might be possessed. They headed out to track him down, while Castiel and Crowley continued to impersonate FBI agents and follow their own leads.

The brothers headed out to investigate the archbishop/Lucifer and found that he went on a slaughtering spree before the devil dumped the priest’s vessel. But Lucifer wasn’t sad because he soon found a much better vessel — the President of the United States. It turned out the man is deeply religious and misguided, because he said “yes” to Lucifer without really realizing what it would mean. Lucifer killed one of his Secret Service agents as his first official presidential action, but found himself a bit lost when his staff asked him to guide them in a prayer for their fallen comrade and then perform the actual duties of President. His staff didn’t seem to catch on and certainly not the aide we learn he’s secretly sleeping with. After all, she’s talking about them going public with her relationship and having a child.

After Crowley reached out to a contact, he stopped by the bunker with some information: he knew the identity of Lucifer’s newest vessel — the President. Sam debated calling Mick for help and started tracking the President, while Crowley headed out to recruit Rowena in case they could get to Lucifer. Fortunately for Crowley, her latest boyfriend had been seeing another girlfriend on the side, so Crowley literally exploded him in revenge (which was a big bonding between mother and son).

Back at the bunker, Cas started hearing a plethora of voices over Angel Radio — the announcement that a nephilim (an angel-human hybrid) had been created. This hybrid is said to be incredibly powerful, so the Winchesters and Cas headed out to find Lucifer’s new girlfriend/mistress/hooker. But they got sidetracked by the Secret Service, who were warned by President Lucifer that two men were trying to assassinate them.

Enter Mr. Ketch, who announced his arrival with a grenade launcher aimed at the Secret Service SUV. He then told Cas to wipe the memories of the agents and introduced himself to the brothers. He explains to the the guys that Mick and the British Men of Letters strongly want them to join forces and revealed that Sam called them (although he hung up before he could speak to them). He understands things are different here, but he insisted they just want to collaborate. Plus, they’ve got a lot of cool toys they can introduce to the Winchesters and the other American hunters! And one of them might even be helpful in trapping Lucifer.

But first they need to trap Kelly, the President’s girlfriend. Which is where Crowley comes in, because he kidnaped Kelly and brought her to the others. They decided to tell her the truth and Cas revealed that her baby is an abomination (who sets bibles on fire with her touch). So she agreed to help them and lured the President to a motel.

Sam managed to use one of Ketch’s toys to partially suck Lucifer out of his vessel (which weakened him) and Rowena started her spell, sending the devil back to Hell for good. Which is the good news. The bad news is that Rowena, Cas and Crowley headed out, but the Winchesters were both arrested for attempted assassination of the President, who managed to survive. Soon after we saw Kelly escape Cas while the pair were in a diner, taking her abomination of a child with her. She then called Cas to say she doesn’t want to get rid of her baby and he can’t stop her.

Now SUPERNATURAL leaves fans with two major cliffhangers for the next six weeks: the arrest of Sam and Dean and the disappearance of Lucifer’s spawn child.

SUPERNATURAL returns with all new episodes on Thursday, January 26 at its new time of 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Watch a sneak peek for the January return below. It looks like the Winchesters are thrown into a black site prison, while Mary and Castiel try to figure out where they’ve gone.

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