Stars Hollow Scoop: Sally Struthers Reflects on Returning to GILMORE GIRLS


Whether you binged it all within the first hours of its release or are savoring the four-season themed installments of Amy Sherman- Palladino’s dream of a show, GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE for a rainy day. The revival is all anyone has been talking about these days. The universally loved series came back stronger than ever on November 25th and in honor of being back in Stars Hollow, we chatted with Sally Struthers who plays Lorelai’s crazy, loud, and loyal neighbor. Here are our top 5 questions with GILMORE GIRLS resident, Babette, portrayed by the lovely and talented, Sally Strutters.
When the show ended in 2007 did you ever think that you would get to be back in Stars Hollow? 
Sally Struthers: This was a huge surprise to us all. Usually, when a show is over it is over – None of us thought it would ever come back. I’m so happy it did.
How did it feel to come back after being away from Babette for so long? Did it take a while to get readjusted to the character or did it come instantly?
It came instantly. That is in my blood.  I molded that character after my idol, the iconic Ruth Gordon.
How is it working with Liz Torres? The two of you have such great banter on the show, are there any fun scenes between Babette and Miss Patty that we can look forward to?
I’m only in one scene with Liz Torres unfortunately, and that is my biggest disappointment. I’ve always loved working with her and we have been friends for over 45 years dating back to when I was on All In the Family, and she played the housekeeper.
What is your favorite Babette moment from your time on the show?
I loved all the dialogue Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote for me. Those lines were hilarious. I was always so excited to go to work and deliver.
What is your favorite moment from the revival? 
My favorite moment was simply the joy of being back at the Warner Brother set of Stars Hollow. Wandering around the back lot was Nirvana.
You can watch GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE on Netflix. 

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