RIVERDALE Preview: A Murder Mystery


High school students may be at the heart of the new RIVERDALE series, but all of these teens are dealing with a very grown-up problem: a murder mystery.

One morning, in the summer, twins Cheryl and Jason Blossom head out for a boat ride. But only one of them ever makes it back to shore. Several months later Jason’s body finally turns up, and the mystery of his death swirls around the town and the show’s main storylines.

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Caught in the middle is Archie Andrews, a senior at Riverdale High who also happens to be in a forbidden relationship with his music teacher, Ms. Grundy. And, from the looks of the preview below, she’s also forcing him to side something in relation to Jason Blossom’s death.

Don’t miss the series premiere of RIVERDALE on Thursday, January 26 at 9/8c on The CW.

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