CHICAGO FIRE Sneak Peek: In Need of a Few Miracles

chicago fire

CHICAGO FIRE returns tonight after its winter hiatus, and in this week’s episode there are a few long odds to overcome. To start off, Anna is still in need of bone marrow, and after both her siblings turn out to be incompatible it is Severide who ends up being a match. Of course, our good-guy Severide is ready to sign the consent form right away, but the doctor warns him about the very real, and very serious, consequences of the procedure. If he does decide to donate his bone marrow there could be complications (as with any surgery). But the most pressing concern is that once he signs the donation intention papers, the doctors will start Anna on a course of highly concentrated chemo that destroys her immune system — meaning that if for any reason Severide backs out, she will die.

And something unexpected just might make him back out, but not necessarily of his own free will. When Stella and the rest of Firehouse 51 pull up to a scene, Hermann discovers Severide’s car mangled in the intersection. Stella is immediately concerned, but works to maintain her focus while Hermann asks the witnesses present if anyone saw the driver. Severide’s fate — and Anna’s — are up in the air.

One final struggle for some members of the squad comes in the form of a custody battle. Louie’s father has returned to claim custody of his little boy, but Dawson and Casey are not going to give up without a fight. Hiring the best adoption attorney in the city, they go over the facts of the case — but their lawyer informs them the situation is not good. She tells the couple that the courts almost always favor the biological parent in cases like these and — given the fact that Casey is not formally documented as one of Louis’ guardians (even though he and Dawson are married now) — this means that this case could prove very tricky for them. But love comes in all forms, and Dawson and Casey definitely love their little boy and will do anything to keep him.

Catch an all new CHICAGO FIRE tonight (January 3) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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